Trying To Get Better At Mobile Gaming? Here Are Some Tips

If you're an amateur or professional player who is a professional or casual player, you are aware that winning in mobile games isn't always so easy as it sounds. Mobile phones are becoming more accessible today with more players online as than there ever was. This makes competition in online games, and also winning harder. Some might suggest that you should improve your skills by practicing more But isn't there a better way to do it?

You can now. We've put together the top tricks and tips that will boost the chances of winning. No matter if you play more challenging games like Playerunknown's Battleground or more simple games like Doodle jump, these techniques will allow you to play more effectively. In reality these tips can help ensure that your phone is optimised and free of stutter. So, sit down and grab your phone, and let's start.


The first rule of mobile gaming - turn on the DND mode

Did you ever experience that you're just close to winning an event, only to is interrupted by an unexpected phone call? This can be frustrating and, sometimes, can ruin your game. That's why it is that DND (Do not disturb) mode can help by blocking unwanted calls and messages and letting you play without interruptions. It also the ability to make a priority list which allows only important calls and messages go through.

To activate the DND mode on your Android phone simply swipe downwards from the at the top of the screen with two fingers, then tap to activate the DND icon. Certain Android phones might not have easy access to the DND mode. If you have a device that isn't, you can manually switch it on by entering the Settings and then selecting the DND feature. It is usually in the Sound/Vibration tab. To enable DND on iOS you must swipe to the top right corner, then tap DND. DND icon (Crescent Moon icon).


A lower background load can help your game run more smoothly

Most smartphones can multitask well. There are many apps that can be that are running simultaneously, however it's not a good idea when playing. Games that are graphically intensive like Fortnite or PlayerUnknown's Battleground and others require lots of RAM and processor power in order to display graphics. If your phone isn't equipped with enough RAM, it's best to delete the background applications before playing these games. Even high-end phones might lag when playing with high quality settings, which is why it's best to remove background apps before prior to starting playing.

To remove background apps in your Android phone, tap the multi-window icon located at the bottom of the screen . click the clear icons. The method may differ from model-to-model. To shut down background apps for your iPhone or iPad simply double-tap on the home screen or move it toward the right (for iPhone X series models) and then manually close the apps by moving them up.


Controls that you can customize can make you an expert

Every player is unique and has their own preferences for gaming. Some gamers prefer a more organized layout while others prefer a less organized but easy-to-use interface. Game developers often offer conventional layouts that might not work for all. This is why customizing the game's controls are helpful.

Popular games like Fortnite and the PlayerUnknown's Battleground along with Asphalt 9 Legends let you modify the game's controls to suit your preferences. The controls are easily modified by using the game's settings menu. It is possible to test the standard layouts, modify them to suit your needs or even design new ones. Additionally, you can modify settings for the view of your camera, sound levels, and other settings that can enhance the overall experience.


Enhance your game with an instrument

If you've never played mobile games with controllers, you're most likely being left out of a lot. The physical button on the controller make gaming more enjoyable when playing first-person games like Fortnite as well as PlayerUnknown's Battleground. It is possible to aim precisely regardless of whether your avatar is movingaround, move weapons fast and enjoy an improved perspective of the game, because it's a thumb-free.

The buttons on gaming controllers are also pressure-sensitive. This means you'll be able to precisely control the acceleration of your car and turn it into better turns, when playing racing games like Need for Speed No Limits and Asphalt 9 Legends. Simple games like Crossy Roads have built-in compatibility with gaming controllers. These controllers can be connected to your phone through Bluetooth which means that the setup is fairly simple. If you're an Android user, you could even connect a great PlayStation 4 or an Xbox controller to your phone. Unfortunately, iOS don't support controller paring as of yet, but iPhone users can anticipate it to be included in the coming iOS 13 update.


Sound is as crucial as images

If you have a pair of earphones, you'll be amazed at how helpful they are during gaming. The speaker on your phone often leaves important details of the game, such as the sound of vehicles and footsteps. It's hard to get a sense of the direction. The smallest details can make in winning particularly when playing action games like Fortnite as well as PlayersUnknown's Battleground. With earphones, players can be aware of every single detail, determine the direction of opponents, and better coordinate with their fellow players by using voice communications for winning games.

Furthermore, since the earphones can be used in a variety of ways and portable, you can take them wherever you go and play more effectively, even while sleeping or traveling. It won't cause disturbance to others around you, so it's a win-win situation for all.


Try playing with a larger screen

If your phone is compatible with screen mirroring, and you own an Smart TV, you can bring a lot of enjoyment to your gaming experience on the go. Screen mirroring is easy and can be enabled on both Android or iOS devices. To enable screen mirroring for Android users, open Settings and then select your Wireless Display option which should be located under the Display or Wireless Settings tab. Connect your smartphone to you Smart TV, and you can go.

For iPads and iPhones access Control Center for iPhones and iPads. Open Control Center by swiping down from the right side to reveal the Control Center. Click on the mirroring icon on the screen to begin pairing. Make sure you have an Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled television that can mirror your screen. If you don't own an Smart TV, you can also consider Amazon Fire TV or Google Chromecast which has the mirroring feature for screens integrated into.

These were a few essential tips and tricks that will certainly increase your chances of winning. Rememberto keep practicing, and try customizing your controls until you are able to master the game. Keep in mind that gaming drains the battery on your phone It's also a recommended to carry an energy bank to act as an alternative for games that aren't interrupted. We hope our advice and tricks can help you beat the scoreboards in every game, so please share your thoughts and experiences via our Twitter handle.


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